At Premium Steap, we take pride in introducing our customers to the intriguing and multi-cultural world of quality loose leaf teas. Our comprehensive, global selection of loose leaf teas ranges from the classics, blends, and individual, single estate teas to the rare and exotic teas.   Offering a wide range of variety of fresh, vibrant and unique teas, Premium Steap provides loose leaf tea at an affordable price. Whole-leaf compared to tea bags, provides customers with better value and, taste when considering the cost per cup.

Premium Steap philosophy is that tea makes people happy, calm and satisfied. Though Premium Steap does not sell teas as remedies, cures, or elixirs, we certainly appreciate the health benefits of teas cited in many medical studies. Each distinct tea reveals its own special qualities and can influence and set your mood for various times of the day. Our assortment of seasonal teas will appeal to your tastes during different times of the year or in different climates. We continually acquire new teas those that are lighter and fruitier ones for summer and others that are emboldened with heavier spices for winter. Curl up with a steaming cup or cool off with an iced tea and enjoy Premium Steap’s tea your way.

With ten years experience in the loose leaf tea business, Premium Steap’s customer service has always been of paramount importance. Our knowledgeable staff guides our customers as we strive to understand each of our customers’ preferences both in store and online. Drinking tea is a truly personal experience, dependent on one’s taste and preferences as well as values and style. Our suggestions are personalized to meet our customer's unique preferences.

To ensure your online experience is just as welcoming as visiting our Center City Philadelphia tea shop, we invite you to pose questions or request recommendations through email or by calling us directly. We pride ourselves in giving  our customers special attention to help satisfy every taste and lifestyle. Premium Steap provides detailed instructions for brewing loose leaf tea so each cup of tea is an optimal experience.

Premium Steap guarantees our tea is always fresh.  Our business is not based on an online warehouse.  To preserve our tea's freshness and fragrance, we hermetically seal all our loose leaf teas in specially designed, foil-lined pourches, which close with zip-locks for easy resealing.

When you have the opportunity to visit our tea shop, upon entering you will immediately detect the amazing aroma of tea. The appearance of loose leaf tea is also especially enticing. To introduce you to the diversity and similarities of teas and for taste exploration, we sample our teas. . We enjoy expanding your tea horizons or even surprising your palate. You may find you begin to acquire different tastes. You also participate in our, sampling program while purchasing online.  If you purchase your tea from our shop, bring your Premium Steap pouch back to the shop and we will refill it with the same tea and even give you extra tea for a few more pots. 

Escape or reflect over a cup of tea using our attractive tea ware, which can complement your particular  tea preference, mood and overall drinking experience. We sell attractive and functional  tea ware, all of which are made of non-plastic and lead-free materials. In addition, our teapots, mugs, infusers and paper filters for steeping loose-leaf tea are biodegradable and do not contain plastics.

Engage your senses and enrich your own sensual tea ritual.