1. Loose tea tastes better: Like other fine products, teas are rated and graded. Classifications are made according to the appearance and typeof the pieces of leaf used and labeled as “leaf” grades and “broken”grades. The “leaf” grade consists of the large pieces of leaves that remain after the broken grades have been sifted out. Tea sold in teabags generally comes from fannings or fines (dusts), which come from broken grades. These tea dusts usually lack the high degree of essential oils found in tea leaves that give loose teas their exceptional taste.

2. Loose teas are fresher and more satisfying
3. Loose tea provides a more sensual experience
4. Loose tea enhances the tea experience
5. Loose tea is cheaper than tea bags

How to Make Iced Tea
Directions for iced tea (directions are on back of our package)
Option 1: Follow directions for hot tea shown on tea pouch but double amount of leaves. Steep
according to directions. (Don't over steep - this will cause tea to get bitter). Fill 
pitcher with ice, pour concentrate over ice.  Very simple.
Option 2: Fill pitcher with cold water. Know the oz's of your pitcher. Measure the approximate ratio of tea to water. Put loose tea in water or put loose tea in paper filter in water. In 5 hours, you have cold brewed iced tea. It's that easy.

Our top 10 teas for iced tea:
Black:  Organic black Korakundah Nilgiri - bright, brisk plain tea.
Black Passion Fruit & Mango:  Very tropical & refreshing
Green:  Spring Melody:  strawberry/orange/pineapple
           Moroccan Mint
White:  Organic Mango/Pear
           Organic Pomegranate 
Ooloog: Coconut
Herbals: Tropical Rooibos (pineapple/passionfruit/mango)


How to Steep: 
It takes just a few simple steps to achieve the perfect pot or mug!

Heat fresh water in a tea kettle or electric tea kettle. Don’t microwave it! 
2. Specific instructions for all of our teas are listed on each package. All instructions are based on an 8oz. cup as well as water temperatures. 

For example:
Black Tea:
3-5 minutes @ 212°F
Oolong Tea: 3 minutes @ 190-200°F
Green Tea: 2 minutes @ 140-180°F
White Tea: 2 minutes @ 180°F
Herbal/Rooibos Tea: 7-10minutes @ 212°F

3. Scoop tea into your infuser and pour water over the leaves. Steep according to directions. Remove the infuser after your tea is done steeping. Keep in mind that Oolongs, greens, and whites can be used for multiple infusions. 

How to Store Tea:
Light, air, heat, and moisture will quickly destroy your tea. The best way to store your tea is in a cool, dry and dark environment (not a refrigerator). Our teas are packaged in re-sealable, opaque, high barrier pouches that are perfect for easy storage. 


First, it’s important to choose a material that won’t alter the taste of your tea. Glass and ceramic, including porcelain and stoneware, are the materials of choice. Ceramic and glass teapots hold in the heat, especially if you warm them with hot water before filling.  There are a number of plastic infusers
(Ingenuitea), teapots on the market made from Polycarbonate with contains BPA.  Plastics are harmful to the environment, leach chemical when heated. We recommend that you think twice before purchasing and using a plastic infuser.

Use an infuser, not a tea ball. Tea needs room to float so that the water can encompass the tea leaves, ensuring that all of the flavor is released. 
Find a teapot with a drip-less spout. Even the prettiest tea pot can turn out to be a royal pain when it drips all over the nice, white tablecloth. 

Finally, take time to enjoy your tea! It’s not an experience meant to be rushed or gulped. “There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea.” – Bernard Paul Heroux.


Since caffeine is highly soluble in water, over 80% of the caffeine in tea is released within the first 20-30 seconds of steeping. Discard the water after the first 30-60 seconds of steeping and add fresh hot water to the now decaffeinated tea leaves. Steep the recommended time on the package.

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