Iced Tea Special

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Our new 2015 iced tea have arrived.  All teas are excellent iced but also make a lovely cup of hot tea.

Black:  Deluxe Iced Tea Blend (Robust)
Black:  Cucumber Orange
Green: Orange Mint
Green: Spring Melody
Herbal: Lime Mint
Herbal: Tropical Rooibos

Special Price  $25.00

Price: $25.00

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Locally owned for 15 years.

111 S 18th Street Philadelphia, PA
Telephone: 215-568-2920

Monday-Friday 10am-7pm
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What is Steap?
With ten years experience in the loose leaf tea business, Premium Steap's customer service has always been of paramount importance. Our knowledgeable staff guides our customers as we strive to understand each of our customers' preferences both in store and online.
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